Family Law

It may seem like the quickest, simplest, and cheapest alternative: go online or get forms from the office supply store and write up your own divorce. With over 15 years of experience, we have seen the hazards of do-it-yourself divorce. Marriage is a powerful legal institution, and the dissolution of marriage must be handled carefully in order to ensure that the parties receive a fair settlement.

We have had to repair damage from attempted “economy” divorces when clients came to us facing threats posed by simple errors:

A check in the wrong box
A single poorly chosen word concerning the marital home
A failure to file a required document
In some cases it turned out the couple, years after signing a divorce agreement, was never divorced at all!

If you have a good working relationship with your spouse, you may be surprised at how economical it is to have an experienced lawyer review your agreement with your spouse, ensure proper filings are made, and provide the protection you and your children need as you begin to rebuild your life.

Whatever stage you are at in your divorce — considering a legal separation, negotiating a custody agreement, or preparing to file for divorce — contact our law firm for a comprehensive consultation.

Considering a second marriage? Let us prepare a prenuptial agreement that will protect you and your children in the event of a divorce and substantially limit any future attorney fees.

$200 Consultation Fee
$350 hourly rate


Mediation is a process where a third party assists the parties reach an agreement and facilitate communications. Mediation can be used to help both parties resolve difficult issues regarding child custody, property distribution, alimony and child support. If you feel stuck or angry and can’t talk to your husband or wife, can’t negotiate, and are having trouble communicating, you may contact our office to start the process of mediation. Mediation will give you control over decisions that affect your family rather than a judge in a court of law. After years of courtroom experience, we are convinced that families are healthier and happier when they settle disputes together.

You can save thousands of dollars if you come to us to solve your issues through mediation instead of going through a lengthy divorce.

The mediation process provides a safe environment for both parties to vent their frustrations while they work toward terms that limit the negative impact on children and other family members.

With the divorcing couple actively participating in creating the agreement, everyone clearly understands what is expected. This builds a realistic set of expectations and encourages post-divorce cooperation that makes it easier to make parenting decisions.