Divorce can be an emotionally draining experience. We provide other options to resolve issues other than costly litigation. If you have a valid agreement, our team can prepare all the paperwork for an uncontested divorce and will appear at the hearing with you. Attorney Thomas will be with you every step until you receive your judgment of divorce.

Separation Agreements

If you and your spouse have decided that you are going to divorce but first want to navigate a separation, it is important to have a separation agreement drawn up. Separation agreements can resolve the same issues involved in a divorce such as alimony, child support, child access and custody and marital property. A separation agreement can help you save money that you could spend on a costly divorce and reduce stress. With an agreement, you can file for divorce immediately on the grounds of Mutual Consent. Your agreement will be incorporated into your divorce and become a part of your final judgment of divorce.


Debra Thomas is a certified mediator in the areas of custody and marital property. She is a regular mediator for the Baltimore City Circuit Court Settlement Conferences that occur prior to trial. Mediation gives you control over your outcome rather than relying on a judge to make important decisions about your family. Mediation gives you an opportunity to structure every detail important to you and your children. Additionally, mediation will save you thousands of dollars in legal fees.

We Provide

At the Law Offices of Debra A. Thomas, we are experienced family law attorneys who handle the following types of cases.

  • Separation Agreements
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Mediation
  • Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

We will make sure you receive professional, yet compassionate representation and talk you through the entire process.

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Because our firm is a family-owned firm, we understand the importance of the “family” in family law. Our small, intimate team will get to know you, answer any questions you may have, and give you guidance through the entire divorce process.

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